10 May 2010

On Board Video with Alex at Top Speed on the El Mirage Dry Lake

Recently, I got to drive a Dodge Magnum SRT8 at top speed at El Mirage dry lakebed in the desert of Southern California. I reached 166 mph, and rode shotgun on a 170 mph run!

El Mirage is a Federal park. It’s completely fenced off and is something like five miles long and five miles wide. After the winter rains, the lake bed dries almost concrete hard and very flat. It’s near the famous Edwards dry lake and Air Force Base. For the $15 entry fee, you can drive as fast as you dare (at your own risk!).

Let me tell you, getting to legally unleash some 450 horsepower and drive at 166 mph is a great rush. You hear the 6.1L big Hemi scream at 6,000 rpm wide open, the wind blast roars around the car, you feel the wind push the car around a bit and the pebbles and slight dips of the lake bed really get your attention.

If you ever get the chance, stop by El Mirage and play on the lake bed yourself!

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