12 December 2012 – So Much Fun Appearing on Speed Scene Live! You Can Watch the Show Online

A big thank you to Scott “Lucky” Hudson, Diana-Mite, Bob Beck and Bruce Barker. They put together a great TV show about racing every week and this week I got to be on it. They’re all so professional and so nice, it was a real pleasure. And I was a bit nervous before the start, but they put me at ease and the hour flew by and we had a lot of fun.

I can’t believe all of the photos and videos that they found and put up, it was surprising and funny too. Bob Beck is always great, he knows so much about motorsports and is so comfortable behind the mic–he announces at one of my favorite tracks, Irwindale Dragstrip here in the Los Angeles area. Richard said that Diana-mite is even more dynamite in person and I agree. And Lucky is not only a great racer, he’s a great host asking good questions and making his guests feel welcome and talkative.

In addtion to me talking about my racing and career, on the show Bob Beck’s GAAS segment highlighted the original Dodge Magnum. Bryant Layton talked with Baja 1000 Champ B.J. Bladwin. And my favorite part, sponsorship and marketing guru Ernie Saxton talked about sponsorship and promotion.

If you didn’t get to catch it live, you can see it on their website anytime at:

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