12 June 2012 – Climbed in the Points at WCHRA

It’s good to be racing! I’m sorry it’s taken so long to update the site since the last few races. As you can guess, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. The TRE race in Vegas went decently well. We made it to the quarter finals in the Sportsman class, and were paired up with none other than veteran Las Vegas racer Jon Irving. It was an exciting double breakout race as we both played top-end against each other with Jon ending up with the win. But we learned something and are hopefully going to be applying our new knowledge at the next race in Vegas coming up this weekend. It’s hard to tell where we are in the points right now, but our guess is somewhere in between 5th and 6th.

This past weekend we attended the West Coast Hot Rod Association’s Summer Nationals in Bakersfield at Auto Club Famoso Raceway. The car was running consistently on Friday night so we went into Saturday’s qualifying and race feeling pretty optimistic. We got three qualifying runs on Saturday and after my 0.015 light I qualified in the number 4 spot. The first round of eliminations was against a good racer by the name of David Dodd Jr. in the green Duster. I cut an .014 light but David unfortunately went .007 red on his side giving me the round win to face Terry Rolin in the next round. The car was running well and we advanced to the quarterfinals, moving past Terry’s motorcycle. These were two very tough contenders as they were both in the top 3 of the points for the Sportsman class. The next round I faced Wesley Eisenga in the green Valiant. His car had been running great all day and he had also been cutting good lights. But I got him at the tree with .009 light to his .036 but then unfortunately the car picked up power somewhere and I lost on a breakout. It was respectable though, as Eisenga is currently leading in the D Gas class points for the season. Overall, it was a good weekend. Winning is always better than loosing, but we advanced in the points standings because of how many rounds we went. We’re in a provisional second place in the Sportsman points, but we won’t know until the official points are posted as there was computer glitch and all of the qualifying points for Sportsman may be tossed out.

This week we’re off to Las Vegas for the fifth TRE Summit race. I’m really looking forward to moving up in the Sportsman class points for that series also. I’ll be posting an update next week so check back to see what happens!!

– Alex

Alex launching during qualifying at Summit Series presented by Tony Rowe Enterprises at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Note Alex’s .019 light.
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