13 July 2012 – Summit TRE Race in Vegas

It was a tough weekend again in Vegas for this last TRE race on July 3rd. The car had mechanical issues and we knew that going into the race weekend. We had a bad fuel pump and while we fixed that just before the race (in 110 degree heat!) we ended up running way too rich and the car was inconsistent. Also had some other issues which are being repaired right now. We did win round one, but the mechanical issues were too great to make it past the second round. It’s all part of racing.

Our new friend Josh Ward helped us out in the pits and brought a generator and big fan to try to help cool down our trans between rounds. And Josh took the very cool photo in the staging lanes under a full moon to the right. Josh is a great singer and has made it to the next round of The Voice on NBC. Thank you and go get ’em Josh!

However, as you read this, the car is being taken care of by our awesome transmission doctors and good friends at Westminster Performance Transmission. They’re modifying and improving our “NAG1” transmission and installing the new B&M Hi-Tek Transmission Cooler with temperature switch controlled fan. I can’t wait to have a new and improved transmission for the next race, which is the West Coast Hot Rod Association’s “Shootout at Sundown” in Bakersfield, California. It should be a fun night of nitro cars and awesome bracket racing so come out and watch!

– Alex

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