16 December 2013 – PRI Show in Indianapolis

The Performance Racing Industry trade show took place this year in the most famous racing city of all, Indianapolis, Indiana. I had never been to this particular show before, and was very excited since the vendors and companies in the show are much more racing focused than the SEMA show for example. The companies at this show are based exclusively in racing, so it’s basically a drag racer’s dream. All of the aftermarket companies in one place meant that we had a lot of meetings with a lot of companies. One of the companies that we visited was UMI Performance, a performance suspension company out of Pennsylvania. They asked me to come by their booth to take some promotional photos with their product for their website and Facebook pages. In fact, UMI has asked me to represent their company not just at PRI but in the future as well. It is not officially announced yet but I will be travelling to their facility after the new year to work on some more marketing and promotional materials for them. I am very excited to work with this company. They have excellent employees and have a wonderful owner, Ryan
Kirkwood. I can’t wait to work with them more! Overall PRI was a very successful event. Although it was quite cold being in Indianapolis in December, we had a lot of fun. Be sure to keep checking for more articles and information about the great new products that have come out of the end of the year tradeshows. We also will be testing new products and technology on the race car in the upcoming
racing season.Before I know it, it’s the end of the year already. During the holidays I am headed home to my family’s house outside Detroit where I can get some rest before 2014 starts. I know it will be an incredible new year and I couldn’t be more excited. Check back for more updates about the holidays and the beginning of the year events!
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