16 September 2012 – Tied for First in PSCA Street Muscle Class 2nd Race in Swing!

Wow, am I running my life at full throttle right now. On Labor Day Monday, LVMS gave us permission to do a photo shoot on the starting line of the completely empty race track. It was strange to stand on the track with total silence around us instead of roaring engines. But the photos came out great! Look for some on my gallery before too long.

After the race we thrashed for two days to install the new 2-piece aluminum driveshaft from The Driveshaft Shop. This is another great product from the Driveshaft Shop. This light weight beauty can handle the power of my motor and even the new one we’re planning on for next year, it is unbelievably smooth. My car shakes and vibrates significantly less then it did with the stock shaft. But most important of all, at the race the

following weekend, same track, same conditions, the new shaft was good for a consistent .05 faster reaction time! Huge thanks to my friend Joshua Ward and his business partner Roy Spenner for not only letting us use their lift at their warehouse but spending two long days and a night turning wrenches with us to install. Oh, the long install wasn’t the fault of the shaft, just other issues with the car.

We also upgraded to the Mopar TCM to handle shifting duties on the car. This upgrade made a huge difference and we were cautiously optimistic going into the penultimate round of the Pacific Street Car Association (PSCA) race the following weekend. And while I didn’t win, we went a few rounds and left Las Vegas tied for first place in the Street Muscle class. We look forward to the last race of theyear on October 7th, it’s going to be epic!

– Alex

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