2 December 2013 – Las Vegas Motor Speedway Thanksgiving “Turkey Races”

The last race of the year came fast, and we were excited for the end of the season. The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway put on their annual Bracket Nationals, a four day race on the Thanksgiving weekend. There were over 300 entries for the race. Each day was an individual race, so we had 4 chances to do well during the weekend. Our crew was a little bigger than normal this race, because Richard’s family joined us in Las Vegas for the holiday. It was a great mixture of racing and family gathering, and the weather turned out to be a warm 65 degrees. We made it to the 4th round on Thursday’s race, and carried the success over to Friday’s race where we made it to the 4th round again. Saturday and Sunday we went to the third round, and were very happy to make it that far. And since we are now partnered with Mountain View Performance shop in Rancho Cucamonga, we are part of the Mountain View racing family. There were several other cars at the race that were also part of the Mountain View Performance family and it was encouraging to see so many cars carrying the Mountain View logo.

All in all, it was a great weekend, and a great way to end the racing year. We had a lot of fun and very much enjoyed the 4 race day format. We are really looking forward to testing the new upgrades and improvements we’re making to the car over the winter. It will be a very exciting and interesting season next year, and we can’t wait for it to start!

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