2 May 2012 – The Magnum is now “Cool” Thanks to Our Friends at A Terrific Tint!

I’m late in posting this, it’s been crazy busy the last month. Our friends Jeff and Traci, owners of A Terrific Tint in Mission Viejo, California, gave the Magnum a, well, a terrific tint! Since we don’t have a tow vehicle (actually, Maggie IS the tow vehicle, she pulls her own trailer full of pit gear) we spend a lot of time at the races sitting in the hot sun in the staging lanes in Las Vegas and Bakersfield in the summer time. A Terrific Tint uses top-of-the-line LLumar film for tint. They have a special, legal windshield tint that doesn’t effect your vision and doesn’t darken the windshield so it’s safe–what it does do is block 99.9% of damaging UV rays and most of the radiant heating IR rays. They have legal tint for the front side windows too!

With the windows, windshield and moonroof tinted, the car was remarkably cool in the 106 degree heat in Las Vegas for the first TRE race of the year. Yeah, that’s hot, but the car wasn’t it’s usual furnace, even when parked with the windows up in the sun.

The optical clarity of the tint is amazing, there’s NO distortion or waviness at all! A Terrific Tint uses a computer with templates for all cars that actually cuts the tint film on an automated machine so it fits perfectly. And LLumar has a lifetime warranty that is good at any authorized LLumar dealer nationwide. If you’re in SoCal and considering tint, you owe it to yourself to check out the website and shop for A Terrific Tint: and look for a full story in soon!

– Alex

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