20 January 2012 – Dyno Day was a Blast!

Wow, not your ordinary dyno day. Over 50 cars, and what cars! Dozens of Vipers, a Cobra, a Nissan GT-R, Porsche GT3, a nitrous Pro Street ’69 Camero, not one but TWO 2011 Drag Pak Challengers with V10s.

The winner for the day was RIck Hollis. His Paxton supercharged Viper threw down 856 hp, at the wheels! And he drives it every day to work and back. We’re going to do a feature on this car in the magazine. The nitrous Camero was 631 to the wheels. There were eight cars that put down over 600 hp, sixteen that put down over 500 hp. Like I said, wow!

The Cobra belongs to our friend Steve (Hi Steve!). Dang sexy car! A big thank you to DC Performance for having us. Tony BBQs a great burger, Dan was everywhere and Lyle ran the dyno board. You don’t want to miss a dyno day at DC Performance. I’ll post when the next one occurs! Click here to see the new Gallery photos.

– Alex

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