20 July 2015 Mopar Mile High Nationals

After a rain storm canceled the United Pacific Industries car show in Long Beach this past weekend, we are heading to Denver this week. The car show wasn’t completely rained out though, as I still had time to open the show with the National Anthem on stage live. Check back in a few weeks for a video of the performance. It was a great experience and I have to thank Ron Olsen for giving me the opportunity! Early Thursday morning we will be flying to Denver for the NHRA Mopar Mile High Nationals. The event kicks off with the Mopar Block party in downtown Golden, where tons of Mopars will be on display and the streets closed down for some Mopar-themed fun! It was a blast in 2014, so we should be in for another treat this year! Then it’s to the track to see Allen Johnson, the DSR funny cars, of course the stock/super stock cars and all the other Mopar branded cars race against the rest of them! For one reason or another, the Mopars seem to do well at their title race, and I am looking forward to cheering them on at this cool track again. If you’re going to be in the Denver area, come on out to the race track. You never know what you’re going to find there. Last year I got a chance to sit in and rev a brand new Hellcat Challenger before they were even being sold to the public. I also got to meet veteran Mopar stock eliminator racer, and one of the first women to win an NHRA championship, Judy Lilly. I can’t wait to go back to Denver again and I’ll see you there!

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