21 January 2012 – My Car Has the Best Bolt-In Rollbar on Earth, RPM Rollbar!

Rob Mathis and Tim Hynen, proprietors of RPM Rollbar, undoubtably make the best bolt-in rollbar ever made. And maybe the best rollbar period! Rob has been building racing chassis (including Top Alcohol) since 1991, so he knows the rules for NHRA and SCCA like the back of his hand. Tim has been in the robotic welding and fabrication business for about 20 years, so he knows how to make a close tolerance and exactly repeatable product. Together, they are amazing.

We’re doing a story on their rollbars for MoparMax using the Maulin’ Magnum as the feature. Tim and Rob came all the way to SoCal from Portland, OR to make sure the bar was installed correctly by doing it themselves. Richard wasn’t able to help as he recently had shoulder surgery and only had one working arm. Our friends at DC Performance kindly let us use one of their lift bays to make it easier to work and take photos.

I learned a lot about rollbars and NHRA and SFI rules and standards. I found out that many if not most rollbars with swing out bars aren’t really NHRA legal (RPMs are!) and why. Our rollbar came with a beautiful red powdercoat high gloss finish, but check out RPM’s website as they offer wild optional finishes! The photo of me sitting in their 392 Challenger SRT (yeah, Mopar guys!) below shows a rollbar with a red and black pattern of skulls that was awesome!

Since we expect to start the new season next month faster than 11.49, the rollbar was a requirement. Finding RPM Rollbar was just a thing. Richard is thinking of titling the MoparMax article, “Best. Bolt-in. Rollbar. Ever.” And he’s seen a lot more than I have. If you need a rollbar, you can’t do better then to contact Tim & Rob.

– Alex

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