23 February 2014 – I’m a Finalist in Champion Contest & New Marketing Partners

Wow, what a month! First, thanks to you, I’m a finalist in the Champion Spark Plugs Search for a Champion contest! I am officially a member of #TeamChampion! I will be proudly wearing Champion logos on my race car from now on. Thank you to Champion for this honor and opportunity.

Now, you helped me get here, let’s keep going! You can vote for me every day and I need your vote! Help me win this contest and I and my team will be able to build a late model Dodge Challenger NHRA Super Gas race car. Use the link at the end of this update to vote. And thank you, all of my friends that have voted for me!

You may notice some new marketing partner logos at the top of this page. You all know I’m a big advocate of safety on and off the track. I always go beyond the minimum requirements in my safety gear and equipment. So does Bell Racing, the best helmets you can buy. Every race I’m safe and secure in my SNELL SA 2010 Bell Helmet and HANS device.

My car is quick off the line and much more consistant thanks to my new FTI billet Hemi torque converter. Trust me, I’ve been through more than a few converters on my high output Hemi race car and FTI is the real deal. I’m so excited to see what we can do on the track together this year.

And you’re going to hear a LOT more about the MAHLE logos on this page. A great company with amazing people and technology.

I’m so lucky and blessed in my life. I wake up every day excited and eager to get to work. “Live at Wide Open Throttle.” 🙂

Click here to vote for Alex Rogeo in the 2014 $50,000 Search for a Champion contest

Alex_Avatar_SFACClick the image above to go to my page and vote for me in the contest!

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