24 April 2012 – Spring Fest and Moparty at the Strip Report

It’s been so busy these past couple of weeks that I haven’t been able to update the website with all the stuff that’s going on. Since the last update, there have been a few car events, races and we finally debuted our product line, Easy Elegance! The site is still under construction, but check it out at

Spring Fest in Irvine, CA was a blast. We got to see hundreds of outrageous cars and meet lots of really interesting people who care about their cars just as much as we do. I even got to participate in the SRT road course demonstration that they had at the event. They had several SRTs that were available to drive around the track. I chose the Challenger of course, and had a blast driving it around corners, which is something I don’t do much of! The best part of the day was probably meeting and talking to President and CEO of SRT, Ralph Gilles. He was at the event all day to give speeches and a presentation on the new things that SRT has in the works. After he was done with his speech, he walked around the show to see all the cars on display. He came over to my car long enough to pose for a picture with me, and sign under the hood! He is an incredibly nice person and really inspiring to meet.

A week after that was supposed to be a Famoso Summit Race, but it was rained out, so we decided to make a few minor changes to the car in the extra time we had. The following weekend was Mopars at the Strip in Las Vegas. We got to debut our new product line and compete in racing at the same time. However that meant that we were extremely busy. Half the time the wind was so strong that our booth supplies was being blown over. There were so many nice Mopars there and lots of cool things to look at. Unfortunately we lost in the first round on Sunday, but it was alright because we knew we would be coming back to Vegas in a week to redeem ourselves in the opener of the NHRA Tony Rowe Enterprises race series.

We plan on doing a new photo shoot as soon as the racing slows down a bit in May.

Check the race blog for updates on our racing results!

– Alex

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