24 July 2011-TV Trailer Taping for New Show, “Big 3 Battle” Loads of Fun!

Saturday was a blast for me. I was invited to participate in the taping of the first TV trailer for a new car show coming next year, Big 3 Battle ( This show will pit late model Ford Mustangs and Chevy Camaros against our awesome Dodge Chargers/Challengers/Magnums in competitions across the nation. All I know for know is that there will be drag racing, auto cross, a Baer Brake start-stop competition and something called Road Cross.

Producer Dave Ransom is a great guy, it was nice to meet him, his energy and passion for the show are both deep. Producer Michael Noval (a four time Emmy award winner thank you very much!) is a really interesting and funny man, who told some great stories during shot setups! Producer Charles Hendrickson was very laid back but I wasn’t deceived, he knows what’s he’s doing regarding both TV and fast cars!

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be there, and I look forward to competing on the show (and kicking someFord and Chevy butt!)

– Alex

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IMG_4024Producer Dave Ransom discusses details of the next taping sequence at one point during the day
IMG_4041Dave Ransom, and me during the taping of my interview for the trailer.
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