24 June 2013 – Fast Show on the ‘Net!

I am so excited to be part of the fastest show on the net, Speed Scene Live TV. I have been making as many appearances co-hosting as I can when my racing schedule allows. And I am proud to announce that I will be making more appearances and doing more segments with the other hosts of the show in the near future. I was also on the Sam Auxier, Jr. Radio show last month, which airs on the east coast on Monday nights. I will be making my next appearance on Speed Scene Live on Tuesday July 2nd to report how my ET Bracket race went in Las Vegas and how the rear end worked for its first race! (see my Race Blog for more info). So make sure to visit on Tuesday night, July 2nd at 6 pm PST to find out!We will be doing another photo shoot this coming weekend in Las Vegas with the new decals and marketing partners on the car. I can’t wait to start showing off these awesome new company names in the gallery. So check back soon to see the updates!

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