24 June 2013 – New Marketing Partner and Driveshaft Shop 9″ IRS Swap Kit Going Into Car This Week Before Racing

Teaming up with Mountain View Performance/Tire

You may have heard of the Mountain View Tire franchise though their Mountain View Racing NHRA Pro Stock team with Vincent Nobile driving. Their head office is located in Rancho Cucamunga, California, where they also have a Performance Race Shop. Well, I and the MoparMax car and crew are teaming up with Mountain View Performance, a complete high performance fabrication, engine-building and dyno facility, to help my crew chief and I bring the car up to the next level. I am so excited to show racers and high performance car enthusiasts what Mountain View Performance can do for our car and for their customers’ cars. It’s in a great location, its a beautiful facility, and is owned by a wonderful car loving family, the Mitsos’. They are a shop that offers high level fabrication and dyno capabilities that are good for both street and strip cars. I am very excited to start our new partnership and I can’t wait for everyone to try out Mountain View Performance too! To read the whole press release, click here.

New Driveshaft Shop 9″ Ford IRS Swap Kit with Strange Center Section and Wavetrac LSD

This coming week we’re heading off to Vegas for an upcoming NHRA Summit Bracket Series at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on June 29th. But before the Magnum is back on the track, the rear end will be swapped for a brand new Driveshaft Shop 9 inch independent rear conversion kit. We have a center section from Strange and a limited slip differential from Wavetrac. Driveshaft Shop is also providing us with 1400 hp axles and a chromoly driveshaft. Last race, the increased power that the new Arrington Performance engine is making proved too much for the previous rear end. Although the rear was upgraded and handled 600 hp for hundreds of passes and tens of thousands of miles, with the Arrington engine making more like 800 hp it was a bit too much for the old rear and it broke the ring and pinion. So thanks to Hot Rods and Horsepower in Las Vegas, NV, we were able to leave the Magnum in Vegas while we went home to organize the shipping of parts for the new rear end. Now it’s all coming together and we’ll be putting the parts in the car this week, just in time to hit the track on Friday night for the test and tune. I am currently in 8th place in the points, and I hope to go some rounds this weekend at the track. I am so excited to be back in the Magnum again, even if it is going to be 114 degrees in the hot Nevada sun!

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