24 September 2012 – Two Days, Two Races, 1/4 Finals and Ready for the NHRA Summit Series Divisional ET FInals!

Well, all of the upgrades and work we’ve done to the car were definitely worth it! The new Hedman Hedders produced more power than we expected, per Richard’s calculations we went from 505 horsepower to 540! The Magnuson supercharger really likes the long tube headers. In fact, we ended up needing to add weight to the car to keep it legal for the Sportsman class, as we were heading for the eleven second range in very hot temperatures. Besides the fact that the car sounds mean and awesome, the headers made for an awesome top end rush as I approached the stripe. Our mph increased on the top end, and the car felt more responsive off the line.

It was two races in two days and Saturday we won several rounds, making it to the quarter finals in Sportsman. Sunday was tough as we lost in the first round of eliminations. After analyzing the in-car video and external videos, we realized that the staging strategy we’ve been using all summer long at Las Vegas isn’t right for Famoso. So we’re working on that for the next race, the NHRA Division 7 ET Finals which starts this Thursday September 27th.

Our goal was to end this weekend feeling confident about the upcoming ET Finals race that sums up the NHRA Summit Series division races and for the winner leads to the National Finals at Pomona in November. Not only did we get good data for the track and conditions, but we realized we have an extremely consistent and dialable car. Maggie was running great, and I can’t wait to show her off to everyone from Division 7 this week!

I’d like to give a special thanks to our new friends Gil and Richard for all their support and help on Sunday. I’d also like to give a big congratulation to fellow racer Wesley Eisenga for working hard to achieve his dual championships this year in West Coast Hot Rod’s D Gas class and the Famoso NHRA Summit Series Pro class track championship!
– Alex

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