27 February 2013 – Cross Country Adventure to Get New Arrington Engine, Calibration and Parts

Lots going on in the racing world! We made it quite a few rounds in the last PSCA race, and I was especially happy to be back in the racecar again. I also got to wear my new race gear for the first time ever. I recently got a gorgeous and wonderful helmet from Bell Racing. It’s incredibly light, good looking, and does not fog up no matter the level of humidity! I love it. I also got to wear my one-piece Crow Racing suit for the first time. It was awesome to have this for the cold weather in Vegas since on race day we had a snow delay! That’s right, it was snowing at the top end of the racetrack, and racing had to stop for several minutes.

We decided that the best way to show the streetability of our new 6.4L Arrington engine was to drive it from Virginia to California! To start the journey, we traveled to Martinsville, Virginia from California to drop the car off and leave it in the hands of Arrington Performance Industries. We drove the Magnum all the way from Santa Clarita to Martinsville in under 40 hours and over 2700 miles of travel. But it was so worth it. We got to get an exclusive shop tour of the facility and meet all the awesome people that are part of the Arrington Performance legend. We’ll be covering their facility, the build of the motor, dyno numbers and tuning, as well as the track numbers and results extensively in upcoming issues of MoparMax Magazine. We’ll also be talking about a lot about the other companies participating in the project. Of course Magnuson Superchargers, Mahle Pistons, Clevite Bearings, PSI Springs, Manley Connecting Rods, Fuel Injector Clinic Injectors, as well as a number of Arrington’s own engineered parts will all be a part of the awesome new engine.

I’m super excited to be debuting the new engine at MATS on March 21-24th at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This is going to be a great event with tons of Mopars on display as well as awesome racing. I’ll let you know what kind of numbers the new Maggie throws down!

P.S I want to give a huge shout out and thank you to our friends at Jim’s Towing and Unitrax Drivetrain and Arrington Performance. Our driveshaft broke on the way home from Vegas a few weeks ago, and Jim Morosan from Jim’s towing was ready and willing to tow us all the way from Victorville to Anaheim where Unitrax got the part that Arrington shipped overnight repaired in time for us to head to Virginia. Without them, we wouldn’t have made it there. I owe them a huge thank you!

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