7 September 2012 – One “Swing” race Down, One to Go

We finished the Tony Rowe Enterprises Bracket Race series at Las Vegas Motor Speedway last week, races 8 and 9. We got the car to the 1/4 finals on Saturday. We are having an issue with the transmission’s shifting. It will occasionally short shift and then we can’t run our dial. On Sunday in the first round I cut a .007 light – that’s the good news – then I ran too soft on my dial and it was over. We end the year in 9th place in the points. Hopefully we get to go to Divisional Finals for the second LVMS team.

Other news, I cut my first perfect light, a .000 RT. I worked my way to it, Richard’s found a set up and I’ve found a staging and launch strategy that is consistant and fast off the line. I love seeing RT’s starting with “.00” 🙂

We purchased a new Mopar controller for our transmission and at tonight’s Tony Rowe Enterprises Midnight Mayhem street legals at LVMS we hope we discover that it’s solved our problem. If you’re in Vegas, come out tonight, run what you brung on the track for $15. Don’t face off against your friends or enemies on the street, bring it to a real track and do it like a grown up.

– Alex

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