8 May 2012 – Famoso WCHRA Race Report

So we’re getting a little time to breathe after the past four straight weekends of racing (which is up to five days with travel time). Over all, we did pretty well. We placed in the semis and then runner up in the last two races in Las Vegas, and past weekend’s race was the West Coast Hot Rod Association MagnaFuel Spring Nationals at Famoso Raceway north of Bakersfield. It was a decent race for us, we made it to the top six in the class. I hadn’t raced there in over six months, so I had to get used to the staging and track, but once I did, the car was running great during Friday’s test and tune. It finally threw down the 11 second pass again that I was waiting for. It ran an 11.937 at 117 mph on Friday evening.

We were looking good after Saturday’s qualifying too, ranking 3rd thanks to my 0.011 light. We went two solid rounds on Sunday morning. In the quarter-final elimination round we faced David Dodd in his green Duster. I unfortunately made an error in staging and red lit by 0.035, so we were knocked out of the competition for the day. But it was an exciting start to the season, and we’re now 2nd in our PSCA class, 4th in our WCHRA and top 5 or 6 in our NHRA Summit series.

I especially want to thank Elwin from Mickey Thompson tires for all of his help and generosity. With his expertise and a new set of his company’s excellent ET Street Radials our launch and 60 foot times are consistent and reliable.

The next race isn’t until June, but from then on the schedule gets very busy with racing six out of eight weeks. We’ll have racing every weekend up until the end of June. I now have a public Google Calendar where you can see my schedule: Alex Rogeo Public Calendar. And keep checking here and on my Facebook page for updates and results!
– Alex

This video is me breaking in our new set of race tires. Our friend Elwin from Mickey Thompson tires is the guy leaning on the wall to the right (he’s so laid back!).
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