8 October 2012 – I’ll Be Signing Autographs At The Hedman Hedder’s Booth At SEMA

This past month I had an awesome set of exhaust hedders installed on my car and they work far better than we thought they could! We gained 30-40 horsepower just with the extra flow from the long tubes. After the installation was over at their facility, we had a photo shoot with the Magnum and me posing by hundreds of headers on racks in their industrial space.

I’ll be signing the photo from the shoot at the Hedman Booth at SEMA this year from Wednesday to Friday from 1-2 pm, so come on by for an autograph and say hi! I’d love to see old friends or people that I know from the track and other events. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself! It’ll be an exciting week and I can’t wait to see you all there!

– Alex

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