9 February 2016 Off to Virginia!

Hey again everyone! Just wanted to update you on the status of the car right now. As I mentioned in my last post, the Magnum is currently at Arrington Performance in Martinsville, Virginia. Not only are they building an amazing engine for us, but they are also installing our brand new TH400 racing transmission. Tomorrow I am flying to Arrington’s facility to see the car on the chassis dyno! Not only do I want to see the tuning process and see how much power the car makes to the wheels, I love visiting and learning from all the amazing and talented people at Arrington. They have done such an amazing job with the car and I cannot wait to get it on track in a month!

If you have seen any of my Facebook posts lately, you’ll know that new 426 HEMI was recently on an engine dyno at Arrington and the power numbers were finally announced last week. Officially, Maggie will now have an engine with the highest horsepower output Arrington has ever measured for a Magnuson Supercharged Gen III HEMI, at 908 hp and 868 tq! It even made 853 hp on regular pump gas! This is going to feel like a totally different car! Check out the dyno sheet below to see for yourself how much of a beast engine Chris and the gang at Arrington built for the Magnum. Special thanks to Dan and the people at Magnuson Superchargers for working so hard in getting all the intake components to Arrington in such a rush!

After arriving this week and spending some time at the facility, we are embarking on our third road trip with this race car. The difference this time of course is that instead of driving the Magnum we will be towing our trailer with our big blue 3500 RAM! Because of the increased power and torque, the Magnum is in need of some major upgrades to the chassis and rollbar. We are trailering the car accross I-4o and up to Portland, Oregon to visit Rob and the folks at RPM rollbars. The car will be with them for a few weeks and when it is time to pick it up, we will be driving right to Vegas to get the car on track to test!

I will update my blog as the days go by to let you know any new developments that come about with the car!


trailer shot Graph_Rogeo_MoparMax

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