My name is Alex Rogeo and I am Alex the Car Girl! I have loved cars for as long as I can remember, and my obsession with cars is only increasing as I learn more about them. Growing up, my father owned an auto repair shop and could fix, paint, polish and rebuild anything from cars to RVs. I began my love affair with cars because of him and the knowledge that he gave me. I spent a lot of my childhood days wandering around the shop and watching what was going on. Even though I was too young to appreciate it then, I really am glad that I was exposed to that at such a young age. Not only did it give me knowledge that I could not have acquired anywhere else, it planted the seed of what would grow into an abiding passion for cars. But I didn’t know it right away.

After high school, I decided to move out to California to go to school for theatre. I went to University for a few years before I realized that a career in acting wasn’t going to work out for me. I didn’t has as much passion for it as some of the other students I worked with, and I knew that a life auditioning all over Los Angeles was not going to be something I enjoyed.

Right around this time is when I met Richard. He was my car-loving neighbor that lived behind me. He taught me most of what I know today about cars. Richard used to race all kinds of vehicles from dirt track cars to road race and even Landspeed motorcycles. As a former licensed aircraft mechanic, between his cars and his knowledge he made the perfect neighbor!

He took me to my first drag race and let me drive his car, a Dodge SRT8 Magnum. My first pass down the drag strip, I made a few rookie mistakes. But I started to get the hang of it by the end of the day and I couldn’t wait to go to another test and tune. It was there that I was able to get the car, which was stock at the time, to go 13.06 in the quarter mile, when Motor Trend Magazine’s drivers could only get to 13.50. I was absolutely thrilled, and this led to more and more test and tunes. Soon after we decided to go bracket racing around Southern California in real competition. It was only 8 weeks after my first time down the track that I got my first number one qualifier and only four months after that I won my first race. Over time, we have evolved the Magnum into a full-fledged competitive race car that now runs in the mid 10 second range and pulls the front wheels.

Our mutual love of cars led Richard and I to produce EZ Detailing, a full length instructional DVD on automotive detailing. This soon led to the idea that we should sell our own car care products, and Liquid Glow Performance Car Care Products was born. We have a full line of polishes, waxes and our newest product, the Quick Paint Cleaning System. Please visit our website for more information about Liquid Glow at

Besides racing cars, my other passions are singing, writing, acting and modeling. I am currently the official singer for the Pacific Street Car Association series as well as the Street Car Super Nationals series and sing the National anthem before all the races on Sunday mornings. Not only do I sing, but as soon as my song is done I run back down to my pit to get ready for eliminations in my own car. It’s a busy Sunday morning, but I am very honored to sing such an important song before racing events.

I am also Senior Editor of MoparMax Magazine, which has led to so many amazing opprotunities in the last few years. Not only do I get to write about cool topics in the car world every month, but I get to meet amazing people and go to amazing events all year round. Journalism has led to friendships with professional drivers like Jack Beckman, Matt Hagan, Vincent Nobile, Frank Hawley, and Paul Lee. I get to go to trade shows like SEMA, PRI and MPMC every year and am constantly learning more about this passion filled industry. I also appear on , an internet television show about sportsman drag racing. I co-host a show about once a month and get to interview racing celebrities and important figures in the industry about their racing and about new products and events.

I am very blessed to have some amazing sponsors that have helped tremendously on the car. To me they are my marketing partners, because I do my best to help them as much as they help me. I do videos, commercials, photo shoots for ads and calendars, personal appearances and as much promotion through social media as possible for all the amazing partners who’s decals you see on the car today. See my Race Blog for more about my awesome partners.

I continue to learn about automotive mechanics and race driving. I look forward to sharing exciting events from my life with you,

– Alex Rogeo