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24 October 2016 SEMA AAPEX Coming

Hey there peeps! I wanted to send out a quick blog to let you all know that I will be attending the SEMA AAPEX show in Las Vegas next week November 1-3rd. For the majority of the time you can find me at the MAHLE booth at AAPEX, but I will be roaming around the SEMA show on Wednesday for some time. Please stop by the booth #2661 to say hello and ask me about the new MAHLE Original Gasket Line. I can’t wait to see all  of you at this awesome trade show!


Lauren and I at PRI LinkedIn

23 May 2016 Lot’s Going On

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you all in on a couple of things going on with me and the Magnum. First is that we are very excited to be racing again this weekend. We have been on a bit of a good roll this year so far, and I am really hoping to continue that roll. We’re going to be racing in the SCEDA series this weekend. This will be our first time racing in this particular series, so it will be interesting to see how it compares to our other series’ that we race in. It will be a two day race, and two chances to win so we keep your fingers crossed and come on out to Fontana to see!

Just before this race, and in preparation for the rest of the season, we have also brought the car to Hedman Hedders in Whittier CA for some badly needed exhaust upgrades. When we got the Magnum back from Arrington Performance this winter, there were no available Hedders that would fit both on the heads and in the tight packaging of the car. So the engine was tuned on the engine dyno with 2″ headers, but we left the facility with 1.75″. Ideally we would have 2″ headers for running down the track. We are expecting to gain some low end torque as well as some top end horsepower after running with our new 2″ headers from Hedman! These new headers were completely custom made, and I have to thank everyone at Hedman for their incredibly hard work in getting these headers done so fast! Just in time actually, to head to Magnuson Superchargers in Ventura, CA for some additional tuning. Larger diameter headers might change some of the aspects of the air fuel ratio in the tune, and we want to be as safe as possible with this brand new engine! So with the help of both Simon from Magnuson and Matt from Arrington, we will be heading into this weekend with a new tune as well!

It’s always a bit difficult going into a race with such a big gap since the last one, but I am looking forward to getting back in the car again. Thanks to all those that helped with this big project. Hopefully we’re done doing things to the car for a little bit, as we are racing 3 races in 4 weeks! See you there!

Hedman Hedders new

5 April 2016 Red List Event

I am super excited to announce that we will be racing the Magnum in the Red List Series event on Saturday April 9th at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, CA. This is one of the most diverse and interesting events of the whole year, and I have been wanting to attend for a long time now. And now, with the help of Magnuson Superchargers, we will finally get to compete for the trophy with the Magnum! This event works on a points system, where each pass down the track gains the driver a certain amount of points depending on how fast the ET is of each run. I am not sure what the criteria is, but there is even an award for best female driver! They also award points if you get a good 60′ time, reaction time or beat your opponent to the finish line. Hopefully since the Magnum is now running consistently in the 9s we will be able to gain a high number of points and win most of the races we do down the track.

Above is the link to the event page and tickets. There are so many different types of cars that come out to this event. Not to mention that Magnuson is the main sponsor of the event, and we will be making passes down the track all day to support them and show off how amazing their Superchargers are for both street cars and race cars. If you’re in the Bakersfield area, the tickets are very inexpensive for spectators and I know this will be an incredibly entertaining event! See you there!


Diablosport NMCA 1 IMG_1880_newEngine

29 February 2016 Gearing up for March Meet

One of our favorite events to attend all year is the March Meet in Bakersfield California. Even though the race car is a late model so it’s considered too new to race, we get one of the prime spots on the vendor midway and love to see people’s reaction after seeing the Liquid Glow product in action. Since we almost always have a demonstration of our product on some vehicle, people get to see and FEEL for themselves how amazing the Quick Paint Cleaning System is to use. We will be having some HUGE sales on our product at this show, so be sure to visit our booth to get the in person only bargains! Oh and don’t forget the awesome nitro racing as well as nostalgia bracket racing that goes on for 4 days at the event. Like I said, we love this race because it brings in huge crowds and tons of awesome racing. Look for the black and yellow Liquid Glow banners and stop by to say hi! See you at the March Meet!

The 2016 March Meet takes place at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield CA from March 3-6th.


9 February 2016 Liquid Glow now on Newegg!

We have recently had the opportunity to add our products to the amazing online store of! For those of you who don’t know, Newegg is one of the most popular online stores for computer parts, electronics and recently added, car care products. Below is a link to our personalized store front which leads to all of our product links on the site. Please visit to see what you think! We are also of course available on Amazon as well so there are plenty of places to find your Liquid Glow products to get you ready for detailing this spring!


2 February 2016 Winter Update

southland me and EE southland party jerry southland_party

Winter Update

Hey everyone! I have had a long and crazy winter and I apologize for the long break between updates. After the racing season was over, we decided to embark on another week long trek across country, and it’s been tough to find time to blog. Since our Arrington 392 HEMI monster of a motor had a solid 3 racing seasons on it and we hadn’t even pulled the valve covers off of it, we decided it was time for a freshening. There were a few other upgrades that we wanted to do to the car, but I’ll get to those later. Since we were going to be doing some serious upgrading to the car, we decided to bring it back to the experts that built the engine in the first place. So after the Thanksgiving holiday we began our journey along I-10 to get to first, Louisiana and then Virginia where the home of our engine builders, Arrington Performance is. We stopped along the way in Houma (pronounced homa) Louisiana to visit some of our Dodge racing friends. Jeff Teuton and Kevin Helms, among other members of the team, compete in some serious Stock Eliminator NHRA racing. In fact, Kevin Helms, driver of a Stock Eliminator late model Challenger, won the world championship in 2015. Every year they have a get together of about 500 close friends to celebrate racing, the holidays and Mopar. So this year we decided to stop in Louisiana for a few days to check out some Cajun food and visit our friends in Houma. The party was an absolute blast. I got the chance to meet Erica Enders, the folks from Lupe Tortilla restaurant chain, Craig Boureois 2015 Comp Eliminator champion, and of course the Teutons themselves! It was great to celebrate championships and racing success with all of these people. Plus we got to have a boat ride in the bayous of Louisiana, and were lucky enough to see an Alligator lurking by the shore. It was a great detour to our trip.

The next stop was a one day dash to Martinsville Virginia, the home of Arrington Performance. It’s always amazing going to this place because it is so very rooted in Mopar Performance. There is a set of Dodge ram horns on the hillside, a massive shop with several bays and lifts that are always filled with late model Mopars, and of course half a dozen dyno facilities that are in use all of the time. Not to mention that the people from Arrington are some of the most knowledgeable people about motorsports that I have ever met. We couldn’t feel more confident about bringing the Magnum there because to us, there is no other place that even compares.

After some discussion at the shop and other planning phone calls, the people at Arrington brought up the idea of not only upgrading and freshening the current motor we had, but actually building us an entirely new engine. Oh and by the way, it would be more cubic inches, more boost and make more horsepower and torque. So naturally, we said absolutely! Before this conversation happened, we were entertaining the idea of replacing our factory stock NAG-1 transmission with a stout racing TH400 transmission. After hearing that we were going to be getting even more power out of our new Arrington Engine than we originally thought, it was clear that we needed to indeed upgrade the transmission as well. Given that the unpredictability of the five speed automatic shifting has cost us more than a couple rounds of racing in the past, it seemed fit to take this leap.

But not only the transmission needed upgrading now. With a new engine and transmission, among other things, we needed a new flex plate, torque converter, throttle body, driveshaft and rear end gears. And the goal is the have the car ready to rumble by March 10th so we can go test our new combination before our debut at Muscle Cars at the Strip. The finishing touches are still being put on the car as I write this, and once the car is completed at Arrington, it will need to go to our friends at RPM Rollbars to get the 8.5 NHRA certification, since we will likely be going in the high 9 second range the first weekend on track. It’s very important to me to have all of the safety requirements up to spec before getting on track, and Rob and his team at RPM can definitely make that happen for us. I will keep you in the loop about the car’s progress over the next month!

Rogeo_Diablosport_0870 Kevin Helms championship

9 September 2015 Liquid Glow website is up!

We are very excited to announce the introduction of our new website, Liquid Glow Car Care Products! We have been working on this for a while, and it’s very exciting to have all of our products available for our customers on such an attractive, well put together website. We are having a Grand Opening sale until September 15th, where you can get all products for 20-40% off regular retail pricing! We won’t have sales this good for a while, so take advantage of them while you can! Also take advantage of our new microfiber detailing aprons, that let you detail your car without worry of scratching it with your clothes, while also providing a place to hold product and detailing tools. We will also be posting lots of new demo videos and cool information about detailing, so be sure to check back to both this site, and for more information! Click the photo below to visit the site, or go to

Happy Detailing!


premiummicrofiber_4235_small-348x500 miracle_paint_cleaning_bar_small-343x500

9 July 2015 My Summer Vacation

Happy Summer everyone! I can’t believe we are so far into summer already. I just returned from an awesome vacation out east near Detroit, Michigan. I visited family and friends and went to a cottage up in the northern part of the country and it was absolutely beautiful! I got to enjoy fresh air, cool weather, awesome trail riding on the four wheelers, canoeing, and relaxing by the lake. It was a great way to start July! Here are some photos from the time I spent there. It was a spectacular vacation and I was sad to see it end, but it is nice to be back here in So Cal! We will be attending a few car shows in the next couple of weekends, so check the Race Blog for more information on that! me on fourwheelerkapikogDetroit river

16 June 2015 Liquid Glow website coming soon!

We are very excited to introduce our new website, to the world next week. It has been a long time in the making and we can’t wait for everyone to see how amazing it looks. We will have full ordering capability, and there will be ongoing sales and coupon codes available on a regular basis. We are offering all of our products for sale, including new Microfiber aprons and of course, EZ-Detailing DVD. I will post on here when the website is live. Please check it out!

We are eager to begin the summer car show season here in Southern California. We are going to be at the 17th Annual Cops For Tots show this coming weekend on Saturday June 20th. The event is happening from 8am to 4pm at the Brookside Golf Club. We will be vendoring our Liquid Glow Performance Car Care Product line of course. We will also have an excellent display and video on how to use our Quick Paint Cleaning System. Please stop by our tent during the show and check us out! I would love to see you there for some fun and to support such a great cause. LIQUID_GLOW_GLAZING_POLISH_HIREZ_9245-211x500

11 May 2015 MAHLE trip

I am very fortunate to have so many great partners and sponsors that help us on our race car. One of those amazing partners is MAHLE an automotive parts mnufacturer based in Germany. It is one of the 30 largest automotive suppliers worldwide.As a manufacturer of components and systems for the combustion engine, the company is one of the three largest systems suppliers worldwide for piston systems, cylinder components, valve train systems, air management systems, and liquid management systems. As of 2014, they have 65,000 employees that work in 120+ production plants. Needless to say, I am very proud to be part of such an influential company in the automotive business.

MAHLE headquarter in Stuttgart

This past week I had the pleasure of traveling to York, Pennsylvania, where I visited the MAHLE Service Solutions facility. The purpose of my trip was to film a series of videos that introduce the latest products to join the MAHLE Service Solutions family. The main purpose of this business entity is to develop products that automotive repair shops, service facilities and dealerships can use to service their customer’s refrigerant, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and other fluids of that nature. These machines are very sophisticated, and make the servicing process seamless for technicians and mechanics. I was tasked with introducing the benefits and features of each of the servicing products, and they will be published on YouTube later this summer. I am thrilled to continue my relationship with MAHLE and am going to be doing additional video work for them throughout the year.

Since we got through with shooting a bit early, my friend from MAHLE, Will McKnight and I decided to go on a few sight seeing trips to both Gettysburg and Washington DC. I had a blast on this trip, and here are some photos of what I did.
IMG_1204IMG_1362IMG_1367 IMG_1375IMG_1396IMG_1429IMG_1458
23 April 2015 NSRA Car Show

This weekend we are taking a break from racing to do some promotion of our Liquid Glow Performance Car Care Products. We are vendoring at the National Street Rod Association’s show at the Kern County Fair Grounds in Bakersfield, CA. There are 2,300 cars registered for this show so far, and more are supposed to show up as the weekend goes on. We are so excited to show off the race car and how awesome our polish, wax and quick detailer look on it. We are also excited to show off our newest member of our product line, the Quick Paint Cleaning System. This system comes with a cleaning bar, a 22oz bottle of Quick Detailer and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The cleaning bar is very similar to a clay bar, but it works much better, faster, and is easier to use. Come out to the Kern County Fair Grounds this weekend to check out some awesome hot rods and stop by Liquid Glow to check out the car and our products!

8 April 2015 Website up and running

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to update you on the status of the site so far. We are finally live and have everything up and running pretty well. The gallery and other small functions are still a work in process, but the blog entries are up to date and functioning. Please check back soon for info on upcoming events for me in the next few months and an updated Gallery album!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to my blog! I am terribly sorry that my website has been under construction for so long. It has been a very busy season and we have been incredibly blessed to have so much to do! It’s been a long while, so here are some of the things that have been happening over the past year.

The beginning of the year started with the Search For A Champion contest. I competed against 391 other participants for a $50,000 sponsorship from Champion Spark Plugs. We produced a two minute video about why I am worthy of winning, and submitted to Champion for other fans and racers to vote on. We made it to the final 15 contestants and won a $5,000 prize at that stage. We didn’t end up winning the grand prize but I am still part of #TeamChampion, which I am very proud of.

No more driving the race car to and from the track! In June of this past year, with the help of Dodge Chrysler, we picked up a brand new 3500 Cummins RAM dually truck to tow our race car trailer with. We then went on a three week road trip across the country to do some racing and visit Arrington Performance in Martinsville, Virginia. Since it was summertime, we got to experience the drive in beautiful weather, and see the rolling hills and endless trees of Virginia and Tennesse. After getting some tuning work done on the car, we headed to Bowling Green Kentucky to do some testing on the car before our big race in St. Louis. After a somewhat disappointing race in St. Louis, we headed for home.

In between getting the truck and our road trip was our first experience of the Mopar Mile High Nationals in Denver Colorado, where we got to meet the legendary Mopar racer, Judy Lilly. It was awesome to hang with her at a Mopar event and talk about how racing has changed over the last few decades. I also spotted some brand new Hellcat Challengers in the parking lot of the track, and talked them into letting me sit in the driver’s seat and rev the motor! It was a blast and an experience I won’t forget.

Not only did we get a new truck, but shortly after our big road trip we drove to Texas to pick up a 40 foot gooseneck trailer. It’s outfitted with tools, cabinets, tons of storage and a bathroom! I feel spoiled every time I go in it, and having it at the races is absolute luxury!

I am continuing my relationship with all of my sponsors, and recently have added MAHLE as one of my large sponsors for the car. In October of this year I flew out to Farmington Hills, Michigan to meet some of their employees and also shoot three “Technical Tuesday” videos. Look for me in the upcoming year on their YouTube channel, MAHLE Aftermarket NA. In the same trip I was lucky enough to visit the St. John’s piston ring plant where they make over a quarter million piston rings per day! It was amazing to see their facility and get a taste of MAHLE’s marketshare in both the OEM and Aftermarket world. I also did a short presentation to the employees at the St. John’s ring plant about who I am, how I got started racing and how I am associated with MAHLE. Special thanks to Bill Mcknight for organizing and hosting such an awesome and enlightening trip to MAHLE.

There was plenty of excitement at the end of the year in the NHRA world, as Mopar racer and friend of mine Matt Hagan battled it out with John Force for the World Championship in Funny Car. We were there when Matt won the Championship and the final race in Pomona, and even got to celebrate the win with the team. It was a blast and we were really blessed to hang with the team on such an important day.

SEMA and PRI shows were a blast this year. I did another appearance in the Hedman Performance group where I again got to hang with Stock/Super Stock racer Judy Lilly. We signed autographs together and talked to fans about racing Mopars and being women in the car world.

At PRI I spent some time in the enormous MAHLE Aftermarket and Motorsports booth talking to customers and doing some videos about my plant tours in Michigan. It was a great time hanging with people that have such incredible knowledge about MAHLE’s products. I am very much looking forward to doing more video work and appearances with MAHLE in the upcoming year.

I also spend some time signing autographs in the UMI Performance booth. Earlier in the year I went to their shop in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania and did a photo shoot for their 2014 catalogue. I signed some catalogs as well as some posters for fans and customers that walked by the booth on both Friday and Saturday of the show. My time there was filled with laughter and fun, as the representatives from UMI are incredibly funny, and their customers always seem happy with the product they get from them. Look for information next year on some UMI Performance parts on the Magnum!

It’s now time for a little holiday time, but check back in the New Year for weekly updates about Liquid Glow, racing and all of the events on the calendar! Also check my gallery for photos that highlight my activities over the past year.

The racing season starts next weekend, so check back for more updates on how the car is running for the first couple races of the year.

My Music Demo
Like I said, singing is my second deepest passion. I’m majoring in theater, and I love to perform. I’ve been singing since childhood and studying it seriously for more than seven years now.

You can use the player to hear my demo tracks. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did recording them.

– Alex!

11 March 2014 – March Meet, Liquid Glow and Always a Champion

This past weekend was the famous March Meet held at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California. There were tons of fast nostalgia race cars including nitro funny cars, dragsters, fuel altereds and of course hundreds and hundreds of cars in all the gas and bracket classes. Even though my car is too new to participate in the racing, we still went to the March Meet to vendor our car care products company, Liquid Glow.

We had a nice spot on the vendor midway, and we were very proud to introduce our new Miracle Paint Cleaning System. This system includes a Miracle Paint Cleaning Bar, a bottle of our Quick Detailer and a plush microfiber towel. The bar works amazingly well at removing water spots, embedded dirt, bugs and many other types of contaminants that are in your paint. We loved showing new customers how well the system worked on cars on which we were demonstrating. This is a product that we were incredibly excited to use when we first used it, and we are so happy that we get to share it with all the car lovers of the world! For more information or to order your own, go to There’s a video demonstration available, click on the thumbnail to the right to see it.

While at March Meet, I went to the tower and was interviewed by announcer and fellow co-host, Bob Beck. I got to talk about my product, SpeedSceneLive and most of all, Champion Spark Plugs “Search for a Champion” contest. Over 10,000 people heard me live and many thousand more heard the interview as part of the broadcast on

We will also be showing our product at the annual Spring Festival of LX show on the weekend of March 21st-23rd. Although it is taking place on the same weekend as an important PSCA points race, we will have awesome representatives from Liquid Glow at the show, so feel free to stop by the booth and check out our new products! This is an awesome event, and we wish that it and the race were on different weekends because we love them both! Thousands of late model Challengers, Chargers, Magnums and Jeeps all come together in one place to celebrate the uniqueness of their own cars, and how awesome the Mopar brand really is. There is almost always a cool special guest, and great activities and fun for the whole family. For more info, visit

17 February 2014 – Amazing Trip to UMI Performance in PA for Great Photo Shoot

I am proud to be a spokesperson for UMI Performance of Philipsburg, PA. President Ryan Kirkwood heads this family owned business that makes high quality, innovative suspension products for American cars. They use Made in the USA metal stock and small town, American craftsmanship to produce parts that make satisfied customers that spread the word about this growing company.

The photo shoot was so much fun. I wore vintage outfits, including 1940s style swimsuits and 1950s dresses. My hair on the first day of the shoot was done in a vintage style and I think the photos are just amazing. I wore modern wardrobe on the second day and posed with some of their project cars. I got to learn a lot about their machines, techniques and processes.

It was really cold in Pennsylvania, on the Monday of the second day of the shoot it was 5 degrees and snowing. But it was warm and friendly in the shop and that’s what mattered.

UMI is going to be releasing the photos on their website. They’re going to run a contest where you can win UMI gift certificates and also my own LIQUID GLOW car care products. Look to my Facebook page and this blog for details soon!

Click any image to the right to enlarge.

11 February 2014 – My First Guest Hosting of Speed Scene Live

I admist to being a little nervous before the broadcast of February 11th. It was my
first show as guest host and I and my business partner Richard put a lot of work into it. Co-host Bob Beck and I had done a tour of the Magnuson Supercharger factory in Ventura, CA and had some great video footage of that.

2012 NHRA fuel funny car champion "Fast" Jack Beckman called in and as always he was a great interview. He told the viewers about his exciting new year with a new crew chief and crew and I really hope he can repeat as champion this year. Jack also told the viewers that he’d been voting for me every day in the Champion Search
for a Champion
contest. Thank you Jack, for being my first interview guest and for the vote of

Co-host Darr Hawthorne was in-studio and had a great video on the show’s newest sponsor, Aeromotive. I know some of the folks at Aeromotive and they’re great people with top notch product. Darr showed off their new nostalgia nitro billet fuel pump, it so gorgeous and precise, I expect all of the nostalgia nitro teams to be running it this year.

We wrapped up with a phone-in interview from Matt Hately, EVP of Marketing for Magnuson. He’s a very nice guy and really knows what he’s talking about.

You can still see the show. Go to and click the "Archives" button. Then click on the "2/11/14 Broadcast" button and you’ll see the show! And then tune in every Tuesday to see the Fastest Show on the Internet!

16 December 2013 – PRI Show in Indianapolis

The Performance Racing Industry trade show took place this year in the most famous racing city of all, Indianapolis, Indiana. I had never been to this particular show before, and was very excited since the vendors and companies in the show are much more racing focused than the SEMA show for example. The companies at this show are based exclusively in racing, so it’s basically a drag racer’s dream. All of the aftermarket companies in one place meant that we had a lot of meetings with a lot of companies. One of the companies that we visited was UMI Performance, a performance suspension company out of Pennsylvania. They asked me to come by their booth to take some promotional photos with their product for their website and Facebook pages. In fact, UMI has asked me to represent their company not just at PRI but in the future as well. It is not officially announced yet but I will be travelling to their facility after the new year to work on some more marketing and promotional materials for them. I am very excited to work with this company. They have excellent employees and have a wonderful owner, Ryan
Kirkwood. I can’t wait to work with them more! Overall PRI was a very successful event. Although it was quite cold being in Indianapolis in December, we had a lot of fun. Be sure to keep checking for more articles and information about the great new products that have come out of the end of the year tradeshows. We also will be testing new products and technology on the race car in the upcoming
racing season.Before I know it, it’s the end of the year already. During the holidays I am headed home to my family’s house outside Detroit where I can get some rest before 2014 starts. I know it will be an incredible new year and I couldn’t be more excited. Check back for more updates about the holidays and the beginning of the year events!
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13 November 2013 – The SEMA Show

The SEMA show is one of my favorite automotive events of the year. It brings so many different types of aftermarket automotive business together and I always come out of the show knowing more about this business than I did at the beginning of it. It is always great to meet new people, talk about new projects and see some amazing people in the racing industry. This year I had the opportunity to sign autographs in the Hedman Hedders booth again. It was an absolute pleasure to hang with the Hedman people in the booth. All the employees are so nice and made me feel very grateful to be part of the Hedman family. I also had the pleasure to meet Chris Vandergriff, son of Bob Vandergriff Senior, the owner of Hedman Performance group, and brother to Bob Vandergriff Jr, NHRA top fuel driver. The entire Vandergriff family is amazing and I am very honored to be able to represent their company at a show like SEMA. Signing autographs are an amazing opportunity as well. I love meeting new people and talking about the car, my racing and of course, the wonderful companies that help us with the car. But by the time SEMA is over, it is absolutely exhausting, I’m worn out. After walking miles each day from hall to hall, having non-stop meetings and then spending time with clients and people after hours, the four day long show feels like two weeks. But there are many new things to come in 2014 that wouldn’t be happening without shows like SEMA, and I am very grateful to be able to attend them.
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1 October 2013 – Cruisin’ For a Cure 2013

This past Saturday the Orange County Fair Grounds was home to the 14th annual Cruisin’ For A Cure car show. Over 3,000 cars were registered for the show, there were thousands of spectators in attendance and the weather was beautiful. I had the pleasure and privilege of being a part of the Hedman Performance Group booth, and got to have the Magnum on display in the booth too. I talked to lots of people about my car, as well as how the Hedman Hedders made my car sound awesome and added 40 horsepower as well as the three tenths I picked up on the track from the install. I also got the chance to cruise the show in the Magnum, as there is a one mile course set up inside the show for cars to cruise on. What I loved about this show was that even if you were in a booth for most of the day, you didn’t miss out on all the cool cars because they were coming to you!

I had a wonderful time with the people from Hedman, as well as the people from the Currie Enterprises booth. Co-hosts of Speed Scene Live Diana-mite and Lucky Hudson were there showing off their Currie Nova race car. I also had the chance to see some friends from AAA, Mickey Thompson, Magnuson Superchargers, TruFiber, SoCal LX (as in Spring Fest and Beach Burger Friday), Magnaflow, Bone’s Fab and many more! It was an incredibly fun filled day with lots of cars, fun car people and cool stuff to look at. But what’s even more is the good it does for the City of Hope Prostate Cancer Program. Lots of money was raised and the promoter Debbie Baker can definitely be proud of the accomplishments of the show. I want to thank both Hedman Performance Group for having me in their booth, and of course Debbie Baker and all the volunteers that helped put on such an awesome car show.

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26 August 2013 – Signing Autographs at Cruizin’ For A Cure

On September 28th is the world’s largest one day charity car show. It takes place at the Orange County Fair & Events Center in Costa Mesa, CA, and it’s supporting the City of Hope Prostate Cancer Program. Tons of cool cars show up (over 4,000!), not to mention awesome vendors and activities. One of those awesome vendors will be Hedman Performance Group, and the Magnum (which has Hedman Hedders of course) and I will be in their booth during the entire event along with my fellow personalities on Speed Scene Live TV, Lucky Hudson and "Hot Rod" Bob Beck! Come to the booth to get pictures with me or the car or both! I will also be signing autographs and photos.

I’m thrilled to be associated with this worthy cause and to be part of the huge turnout of car enthusiasts that are supporting it. Gates open at 4:30 AM for participant cars, 7:00 AM for spectators and the tickets are $15 or $13 with AAA card and kids under 12 are free! For more info on the event please visit

13 August 2013 – Summer Break Summer Time Family Time

It’s been quite a busy summer! Since the racing season has been on a bit of a hiatus due to the heat of summer, I decided to take some time off and visit my family back east. While I was there I participated in a 5K marathon called The Color Run with my friends and family. This is an event that tours the country, and it’s famous for the participants ending the race covered in all kinds of color patterns on their clothes and skin. The race takes place in the hot weather, and you get sprayed with water and then covered with colored powder. After jogging most of the 5K, I was happy to go across the finish line. After finishing the race, there is a huge stage with performers and music for the crowd to be entertained and celebrate their accomplishment. It was a very fun day and I recommend doing it for everyone!

24 June 2013 – Fast Show on the ‘Net!

I am so excited to be part of the fastest show on the net, Speed Scene Live TV. I have been making as many appearances co-hosting as I can when my racing schedule allows. And I am proud to announce that I will be making more appearances and doing more segments with the other hosts of the show in the near future. I was also on the Sam Auxier, Jr. Radio show last month, which airs on the east coast on Monday nights. I will be making my next appearance on Speed Scene Live on Tuesday July 2nd to report how my ET Bracket race went in Las Vegas and how the rear end worked for its first race! (see my Race Blog for more info). So make sure to visit on Tuesday night, July 2nd at 6 pm PST to find out!We will be doing another photo shoot this coming weekend in Las Vegas with the new decals and marketing partners on the car. I can’t wait to start showing off these awesome new company names in the gallery. So check back soon to see the updates!

29 April 2013 – Speed Scene Live and Frank Hawley Drag Racing School and Friends

Hey guys! Lot’s going on now that spring is here! As I mentioned before, I am now the latest co-host of Speed Scene Live Internet television show which airs every Tuesday night at 6 o’clock pm PST. This Tuesday April 30th I will be on the show talking about my experience in Las Vegas racing and participating in the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School. For those of you who haven’t heard of Frank Hawley, he is known as one of the best instructors in the drag racing community. He teaches his students lessons not only of driving and racing, but of life.

I had the opportunity to attend the class thanks to my good friend and fellow racer, Tony Rowe of Tony Rowe Enterprises, and thanks to him and Frank, I now have my NHRA Super Comp license. I got to drive one of the super comp dragsters in the school, my fastest pass being 8.461 ET at 156 mph. What a rush! The launch on a car like that was so quick that it took me a few runs to get the hang of it. But what’s more amazing is the lessons that Frank teaches about the mind, body and how you can use them to your advantage. Frank is full of stories about professional drivers that have been in the business for years. It was an experience I will always remember, and I can’t wait for more people to experience it for themselves!! Please go to for more information about class times and dates. Also look for a detailed story about the school in an upcoming issue of MoparMax Magazine at
Click any image below to enlarge:

18 March 2013 – Drove Across the Country and My First Speed Scene Live is Next Tuesday!

Hey everyone, so sorry it’s been so long since my last post. It’s been quite a busy couple of weeks. I have some more exciting news to announce this month! As many of you know, I have made 2 appearances on the internet TV show, Speed Scene Live. After the second show I was asked to be a regular co-host with Diana-mite and Lucky Hudson! Starting this March 26th, I will be talking to guests with the other hosts, discussing events in the motorsports world, as well as showing my own segments from the racetrack and other events. This will also give me a great chance to talk about my awesome sponsor partners that I am involved with. I can’t wait to show everyone some video from events like Pomona, my tour of the Arrington facility and some race footage from MATS!

The first episode segment will be video of my time spent in Jack Beckman’s pit at the Winternationals in Pomona. We will be doing a story on crew chiefs Todd Smith and Terry Snyder for MoparMax Magazine in an upcoming issue, and we shot a lot of video through the day as they tuned the Wounded Warriers Valvoline Don Schumacher Racing Mopar funny car. I’m excited to be on the show and very grateful for this awesome opportunity! So make sure you tune into Speed Scene Live every Tuesday night at 6 pm Pacific Time/9 pm Eastern Time!

28 February 2013 – I’m Joining Speed Scene Live as a New Co-Host!

Hey everyone, so sorry it’s been so long since my last post. It’s been quite a busy couple of weeks. I have some more exciting news to announce this month! As many of you know, I have made 2 appearances on the internet TV show, Speed Scene Live. After the second show I was asked to be a regular co-host with Diana-mite and Lucky Hudson! Starting this March 26th, I will be talking to guests with the other hosts, discussing events in the motorsports world, as well as showing my own segments from the racetrack and other events. This will also give me a great chance to talk about my awesome sponsor partners that I am involved with. I can’t wait to show everyone some video from events like Pomona, my tour of the Arrington facility and some race footage from MATS!The first episode segment will be video of my time spent in Jack Beckman’s pit at the Winternationals in Pomona. We will be doing a story on crew chiefs Todd Smith and Terry Snyder for MoparMax Magazine in an upcoming issue, and we shot a lot of video through the day as they tuned the Wounded Warriers Valvoline Don Schumacher Racing Mopar funny car. I’m excited to be on the show and very grateful for this awesome opportunity! So make sure you tune into Speed Scene Live every Tuesday night at 6 pm Pacific Time/9 pm Eastern Time!

19 January 2013 – New Photo Gallery Posted in my Gallery

The off-season is coming to an end. Big announcements are coming from me soon, keep an eye on here and my Facebook page for details. Hopefully in just a few days!

In the meantime, a new gallery has been posted in my Gallery. We got to do a photo shoot on the starting line at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on a day when no one was there. It was really cool to do the shoot, I took some time to just stand on the starting line and look around, Richard took a photo–it’s funny it looks like I’m Photoshopped in, but I assure I’m really standing on the centerline of the LVMS track!

So check out the new Gallery with the link below and also the fun photo of me on the beautiful Las Vegas Motor Speedway drag strip track.

12 December 2012 – So Much Fun Appearing on Speed Scene Live! You Can Watch the Show Online

A big thank you to Scott “Lucky” Hudson, Diana-Mite, Bob Beck and Bruce Barker. They put together a great TV show about racing every week and this week I got to be on it. They’re all so professional and so nice, it was a real pleasure. And I was a bit nervous before the start, but they put me at ease and the hour flew by and we had a lot of fun.

I can’t believe all of the photos and videos that they found and put up, it was surprising and funny too. Bob Beck is always great, he knows so much about motorsports and is so comfortable behind the mic–he announces at one of my favorite tracks, Irwindale Dragstrip here in the Los Angeles area. Richard said that Diana-mite is even more dynamite in person and I agree. And Lucky is not only a great racer, he’s a great host asking good questions and making his guests feel welcome and talkative.

In addtion to me talking about my racing and career, on the show Bob Beck’s GAAS segment highlighted the original Dodge Magnum. Bryant Layton talked with Baja 1000 Champ B.J. Bladwin. And my favorite part, sponsorship and marketing guru Ernie Saxton talked about sponsorship and promotion.

If you didn’t get to catch it live, you can see it on their website anytime at:

25 November 2012 – Easy Elegance at SCSN and Holiday Appearances

Lots of things going on! First, our Easy Elegance Product line was a success at Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas last week. We showcased our Liquid Glow Quick Detailer and the racers loved it! It’s perfect for the track because it allows racers to remove track goo, smudges and fingerprints, but leaves a nice shiny finish behind. It is also safe for paint, plastic and composites. It was a hit!

I’m also announcing that I’ll be appearing on Speed Scene Live this month! The date is not set yet, but we’ll be posting that as soon as it’s available! We’ve also got lots of exciting things happening for next year that we will talk about as soon as we can!!

I’ll also be appearing at the Motor4toys show in Woodland hills on Sunday December 2nd. This is a great charity that brings toys to children in need during the holidays. I will also be driving the Magnum in the Laguna Niguel Christmas parade on Saturday December 8th, so if you live in the area, come out and watch the awesome parade with lots of cars, marching bands and cool stuff to see!

9 November 2012 – SEMA was a Blast!

SEMA was definitely a success this year. There were 130,000 people at the show, and it was packed all four days. I want to say thank you to the people who came by the Hedman Performance Group booth to say hi and get an autograph! It was a great time and I had the chance to meet so many cool people and take lots of pictures. The people from the Hedman Performance Group are incredibly hospitable and generous. I really enjoyed representing their company during the show.

I also had the chance to meet the people from LIA (ladies In Autosports) Magazine which is an online magazine about women in the motorsports industry. I am really excited to work with them in the future because I think it’s a really important topic that needs more coverage in the media. I had the chance to talk to Eric Hruza CEO of Arrington Performance one of the authorized Mopar dealers that will be offering packages for tuning the 2011 and up PCMs. It was exciting to finally hear some news about making the aftermarket world an option for the Mopar world again. Lots of stuff is coming for the new year, and I made lots of connections for the upcoming racing season. I can’t wait to get started on the new projects!

8 October 2012 – I’ll Be Signing Autographs At The Hedman Hedder’s Booth At SEMA

This past month I had an awesome set of exhaust hedders installed on my car and they work far better than we thought they could! We gained 30-40 horsepower just with the extra flow from the long tubes. After the installation was over at their facility, we had a photo shoot with the Magnum and me posing by hundreds of headers on racks in their industrial space.

I’ll be signing the photo from the shoot at the Hedman Booth at SEMA this year from Wednesday to Friday from 1-2 pm, so come on by for an autograph and say hi! I’d love to see old friends or people that I know from the track and other events. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself! It’ll be an exciting week and I can’t wait to see you all there!

– Alex

17 September 2012 – Hedman Hedders are on my Car!

Our new Hedman Hedders are now installed! We spent a great day at the Hedman facility in Whittier California last week. The hardest part of the job is getting the stock manifolds out, but once we did, the new headers went in nicely. Because of Jake at Hedman who is a deep well of header installation knowledge, we now have awesome sounding exhaust that I can’t wait to test out at the track. Not only did it make the car sound better, but we should pick up several horsepower and bottom end torque, which I can’t wait to test out at Famoso this weekend! We’ll be running the Summit races this weekend, and having a test and tune on Friday to sort out the few changes we’ve made since the last race.

I’d like to thank Jake, Marc, Kevin, Vic, and everyone at Hedman Hedders for all their hard work. Not only did they design some awesome new Hedders, but we had a photo shoot for the new photo that I will be signing at the Hedman booth this year at SEMA. I can’t wait for you all to see it. I’ll post more details as they become available!

29 August 2012 – I’ll Be Appearing and Signing Autographs at SEMA

I’ll be working with my new partner sponsor Hedman Group on our race car and for their great brands and products. Hedman is the originator of many of the greatest breakthroughs in header design and I’m proud that we’ll be carrying a set of their late model long tubes on the Maulin’ Magnum. These headers will feature Hedman’s ceramic coating, an innovation for which Hedman is originally responsible.I’ll be at the Hedman booth at SEMA and am looking forward to being associated with such a great company. If you don’t know the folks at Hedman, take it from me they are great people. Hedman headers are proudly Made in the USA and I’m proud to work with them.

14 July 2012 – A New Gallery is Online Now

We did a new photo shoot for some new publicity stills. I think they came out pretty well and I’m picky about my photos! So check out the new photo Gallery.
– Alex

18 June 2012 – New Photo Shoot Coming to Gallery This Week!

Good news! We finally had our latest photo shoot! Here’s just one of the photos, and once we get the rest sorted though, we’ll be updating the gallery with lots more new ones as well as making a new flyer for races and events. We’ll post them as soon as they’re ready so check back soon!

Click the image on the right for a teaser from the shoot!

– Alex

2 May 2012 – The Magnum is now “Cool” Thanks to Our Friends at A Terrific Tint!

I’m late in posting this, it’s been crazy busy the last month. Our friends Jeff and Traci, owners of A Terrific Tint in Mission Viejo, California, gave the Magnum a, well, a terrific tint! Since we don’t have a tow vehicle (actually, Maggie IS the tow vehicle, she pulls her own trailer full of pit gear) we spend a lot of time at the races sitting in the hot sun in the staging lanes in Las Vegas and Bakersfield in the summer time. A Terrific Tint uses top-of-the-line LLumar film for tint. They have a special, legal windshield tint that doesn’t effect your vision and doesn’t darken the windshield so it’s safe–what it does do is block 99.9% of damaging UV rays and most of the radiant heating IR rays. They have legal tint for the front side windows too!

With the windows, windshield and moonroof tinted, the car was remarkably cool in the 106 degree heat in Las Vegas for the first TRE race of the year. Yeah, that’s hot, but the car wasn’t it’s usual furnace, even when parked with the windows up in the sun.

The optical clarity of the tint is amazing, there’s NO distortion or waviness at all! A Terrific Tint uses a computer with templates for all cars that actually cuts the tint film on an automated machine so it fits perfectly. And LLumar has a lifetime warranty that is good at any authorized LLumar dealer nationwide. If you’re in SoCal and considering tint, you owe it to yourself to check out the website and shop for A Terrific Tint: and look for a full story in soon!

– Alex

24 April 2012 – Spring Fest and Moparty at the Strip Report

It’s been so busy these past couple of weeks that I haven’t been able to update the website with all the stuff that’s going on. Since the last update, there have been a few car events, races and we finally debuted our product line, Easy Elegance! The site is still under construction, but check it out at

Spring Fest in Irvine, CA was a blast. We got to see hundreds of outrageous cars and meet lots of really interesting people who care about their cars just as much as we do. I even got to participate in the SRT road course demonstration that they had at the event. They had several SRTs that were available to drive around the track. I chose the Challenger of course, and had a blast driving it around corners, which is something I don’t do much of! The best part of the day was probably meeting and talking to President and CEO of SRT, Ralph Gilles. He was at the event all day to give speeches and a presentation on the new things that SRT has in the works. After he was done with his speech, he walked around the show to see all the cars on display. He came over to my car long enough to pose for a picture with me, and sign under the hood! He is an incredibly nice person and really inspiring to meet.

A week after that was supposed to be a Famoso Summit Race, but it was rained out, so we decided to make a few minor changes to the car in the extra time we had. The following weekend was Mopars at the Strip in Las Vegas. We got to debut our new product line and compete in racing at the same time. However that meant that we were extremely busy. Half the time the wind was so strong that our booth supplies was being blown over. There were so many nice Mopars there and lots of cool things to look at. Unfortunately we lost in the first round on Sunday, but it was alright because we knew we would be coming back to Vegas in a week to redeem ourselves in the opener of the NHRA Tony Rowe Enterprises race series.

We plan on doing a new photo shoot as soon as the racing slows down a bit in May.

Check the race blog for updates on our racing results!

– Alex

13 March 2012 – Spring Fest and Moparty at the Strip Coming Up!

Lots going on, coming up on Saturday, March 24th is Spring Fest in Irvine, CA. This amazing gathering is one day, 600+ LX/LC Mopars, great fun. My car will be there (look for our new sponsor, Whiteline’s booth).

Next month it’s Moparty at the Strip. I’ll be there debuting my new car care product line, Easy Elegance. I’ve been working on this with my partner for a year and a half, and can’t wait to share these excellent polish, wax, and other products with you. We’ll be on the Manufacturers Midway. Of course, I’ll be racing too. I’ll be in the 5.7 and 6.1 New Hemi Challenge class, so come on out and watch me race.

Have you checked out my new articles in the latest MoparMax? I got to spend a day shadowing world champion funny car driver Matt Hagan. And there’s my column on the shutdown of Irwindale race track.

– Alex

28 January 2012 – Come see me sing the national anthem at Anaheim Stadium to open Monster Jam!

Holy cow! Thanks to my friend Ron DeHoop, I’m singing the Star Spangled Banner during the opening of Monster Jam at Anaheim Stadium. Monster trucks, monster engines, I get to sing and see the show, how awesome is this?

If you’re in Los Angeles/Orange county area and want to see a great show (and me sing), come out to Anaheim stadium Saturday night! I hope to see you there.

– Alex

20 January 2012 – Dyno Day was a Blast!

Wow, not your ordinary dyno day. Over 50 cars, and what cars! Dozens of Vipers, a Cobra, a Nissan GT-R, Porsche GT3, a nitrous Pro Street ’69 Camero, not one but TWO 2011 Drag Pak Challengers with V10s.

The winner for the day was RIck Hollis. His Paxton supercharged Viper threw down 856 hp, at the wheels! And he drives it every day to work and back. We’re going to do a feature on this car in the magazine. The nitrous Camero was 631 to the wheels. There were eight cars that put down over 600 hp, sixteen that put down over 500 hp. Like I said, wow!

The Cobra belongs to our friend Steve (Hi Steve!). Dang sexy car! A big thank you to DC Performance for having us. Tony BBQs a great burger, Dan was everywhere and Lyle ran the dyno board. You don’t want to miss a dyno day at DC Performance. I’ll post when the next one occurs! Click here to see the new Gallery photos.

– Alex

8 January 2012 – Come see me at DC Performance Dyno Day & BBQ, Sat. Jan 14th!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to have some fun this coming Saturday, join me at DC Performance’s Dyno Day and BBQ! You’ll get to see some wild Vipers make dyno pulls, for $50 you can make a dyno pull too!

Free BBQ Free Admission. You don’t have to make a dyno pull to attend. The Maulin’ Magnum might make a pull plus we’ll be showing off the new RPM Rollbar.

Come on out, have fun, and say, “Hi!” I’ll be autographing photos and if you bring a camera I’ll be glad to pose for a photo with you or your car. Come meet my friends at DC Performance.


– Alex

6 January 2012 – Jan 2012 MoparMax is out with my newest column

The new MoparMax is out and it’s a great issue!

Check it out,

– Alex

5 December 2011 – My First Monthly Column in is Online!

Richard, Editor of MoparMax, and his boss, Jeff Burk, have seen fit to give me a monthly column in MoparMax, “The Car Girl Speaks Out.” My first column, “Equal Opportunity Addiction,” is online now:

MoparMax | The Car Girl Speaks Out – Equal Opportunity Addiction

I hope you’ll read it, and the rest of the magazine too, it’s the best Mopar magazine on the planet.

– Alex

21 November 2011 – My Photo Gallery is Updated!

Richard updated and redesigned my Photo Gallery. It’s now divided into a "New" gallery and archive galleries. This lets it load faster and will be easier to update in the future.

There are 18 new photos from two photo shoots we did recently. I really like some of these. One shoot was in the fading light of sunset at Castaic Lake, California and the other at an abandoned gas station in Baker, California.

I hope you enjoy them!

– Alex

16 November 2011 – Los Angeles Auto Show & SRT Party

Went to the LA Auto Show Press Day for MoparMax. We checked out the new 2012 Dodge Charger Super Bee SRT8. They had a black one inside the hall and then at the SRT reveal party across the street they uncovered a yellow Super Bee and a yellow Challenger Yellow Jacket SRT8.

The Super Bee and Yellow Jacket are “back to basics” models, which means they have some cost cutting here and there to bring the price down somewhere between an R/T and an SRT8. Cheaper, but all the power of the SRTs? Cool!

Check out the upper video to the right, it has a lot of nice detail on the Super Bee that I was checking out.

I also checked out some awesome Vipers in the parking lot. Only SRTs were allowed to park there, so it was a beautiful parking lot! It’s the lower of the two videos to the right.

– Alex

13 November 2011 – NHRA Finals in Pomona, Met Businessman/Racer Paul Lee

Spent Friday and Sunday in Pomona. On Friday I met with top fuel funny car driver Paul Lee. Richard and I interviewed him for an upcoming issue of MoparMax. He’s a fascinating man, has an MBA from Wharton, a JD law degree, is President of McLeod clutches and drives a funny car for Jim Dunn racing. He’s also a Mopar fan, he’s building an outrageous 1970 ‘Cuda and his brother has one of the most original Superbirds ever found.

The racing was great! Matt Hagan won the funny car championship and also won the event throwing down a 4.009 in the final! Del Worsham won his first Top Fuel championship, and Eddie Krawiec won the Pro Stock bike championship. Can’t wait for the Winter Nationals to kick off the 2012 season!

– Alex

3 November 2011 – Rocking and Rolling at SEMA Show

At SEMA, I got to attend the Magnuson Supercharger dealer event they put on for their authorized dealers that were in attendance. I got to talk to a lot of nice people, mostly about my racing and our Magnuson Supercharger. Everybody at Magnuson are so nice and fun to talk to, I’m very proud and honored to represent their brand.

In the photo, I’m standing with VP Harvey Kulka on the left and CEO Kim Pendergast on the right. They were very kind to invite me to an excellent networking breakfast the next day by the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network. Thank you to them and everyone at Magnuson.

– Alex

30 October 2011 – I interview Matt Hagan for at Las Vegas NHRA race.

I sat down and talked with Matt Hagan just after his second round loss at the Big O TIres NHRA race at Las Vegas yesterday. Matt is leading the Funny Car points chase by a single point going into the final race at Pomona in two weeks.

He is a great person to interview, very there and focused. He was relaxed and talkative, remarkably relaxed given the points race and his tough loss he had experienced just 30 minutes before the interview.

So, get to know Matt Hagan a bit, watch the video to the right.

– Alex

28 October 2011 – Vegas! NHRA Full Throttle, SEMA, and then Fontana for PSCA

Wow, have I been remiss in updating the site the last two weeks, sorry! It has been Hectic with a capital “H”. School, mid-terms, business, issues on the race car, more business, just wow!

OK, so we’re on the way to Las Vegas today. Richard is now Editor of MoparMax magazine, and I’m Editorial Assitant. So we’re going to the NHRA Full Throttle race Sat & Sun, and interviewing a very special racer! Can’t tell you who yet, but I will Saturday night! Then it’s the SEMA show Monday through Friday. I’m going to be at the Magnuson Dealer night on Tuesday and I look forward to talking to Magnuson dealers about the great Magna Charger kit for Hemi’s.

Then, on Friday the 4th, it’s straight from Vegas to Fontana for the last PSCA points race of the year. Our great friends and sponsors, DC Performance, let their amazingly talented tuner Chris tighten up and optimize the tune on the Magnum with supercharger. Last time Chris did that to our car, we won the WCHRA Shootout at Sundown, so let’s hope the magic is still there!

I’ll be posting from SEMA, TTYL,

– Alex

12 September 2011 – New Song Added to Demo “Star Spangled Banner”

I added a new demo song to my playlist on my Home Page, the Star Spangled Banner. I hope you like it.
Just go to my Home Page, scroll to the bottom and click on the song on the player as shown on the right.
And you haven’t yet done so, check out my other songs while you’re there!

– Alex

5 September 2011 – Mini Photo Gallery, Time to Detail the Magnum!

Well, our August racing break is almost over and I can’t wait to race again! Check my race blog for updates on what we’re doing a little later this week.

In the meantime, since we’ll be on the road for something like five of the next eight weeks, it’s time to freshen up the Maulin’ Magnum with a good detail. Richard and I spent our Labor Day weekend detailing the wheels and paint (since it was hot we just wore bathing suits). Nothing like a good clay bar, polish and wax session. I love the way car looks ater a detail.

Here’s a little secret, we used prototypes of our new car care products that we will be selling after the first of the year under our EZ Detailing brand. Shhhh!

OK, here are a few photos of me detailing. We have fun while we do it, if you’re not detailing your car, and you’d like too, or you’re interesting in learning more about detailing, I’d love to teach you how via my DVD, EZ Detailing, A Complete Guide to Automotive Detailing, starring, well, me. You can order it from my store, our website, or Amazon.


– Alex

14 August 2011- I Won the 5.0 Mustangs & SuperFords Babe of the Month!

Thanks to all of my wonderful fans, I won the contest! Thank you soooo much to everyone that voted for me. Grab a copy of the September 2011, 5.0 Mustangs & SuperFords magazine off the rack now! I’m on page 158. The magazine says the voting was “a landslide!” That means all of YOU out there went to the website and voted for me! Thank you!

It was so amazing to see myself in the magazine, very cool feeling. Wow, between winning this contest, runner up in the PSCA bikini contest and winning the WCHRA race, I’m on cloud nine!

To show my appreciation for your vote, I’m putting my DVD, EZ-Detailing, on sale for 20% off now through the end of September. It’s my way of saying thank you to all of you!

Check back here soon, I’m working on getting some new photos in the Gallery for you.

– Alex

30 July 2011-PSCA Race & Bikini Contest in Las Vegas

What a great and slightly crazy week. You can check the Race Blog for details on the racing. It was a nice drive up to Vegas, my first time there and first time through the Mojave Desert. We did the Wednesday Night PSCA drags, took Thursday off to sight see on The Strip (and buy a new bikini), back to the track for qualifying on Friday night, then Saturday night was racing and the bikini contest.

Thanks to ALL of the great support and cheers of the racers who supported me and the fans that made for me too, I won second place in the bikini contest. I’d never entered one before and was so nervous about it. It was a mad rush to race Round 1, win, rush back to the pits, grab my bikini and make up, rush back to the tower to change, rush out to the stage, compete, take runner up, rush back to the pits, change, back to the staging lanes…WHEW!

– Alex

24 July 2011-TV Trailer Taping for New Show, “Big 3 Battle” Loads of Fun!

Saturday was a blast for me. I was invited to participate in the taping of the first TV trailer for a new car show coming next year, Big 3 Battle ( This show will pit late model Ford Mustangs and Chevy Camaros against our awesome Dodge Chargers/Challengers/Magnums in competitions across the nation. All I know for know is that there will be drag racing, auto cross, a Baer Brake start-stop competition and something called Road Cross.

Producer Dave Ransom is a great guy, it was nice to meet him, his energy and passion for the show are both deep. Producer Michael Noval (a four time Emmy award winner thank you very much!) is a really interesting and funny man, who told some great stories during shot setups! Producer Charles Hendrickson was very laid back but I wasn’t deceived, he knows what’s he’s doing regarding both TV and fast cars!

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be there, and I look forward to competing on the show (and kicking someFord and Chevy butt!)

– Alex

Click a thumbnail below to view enlarged image
IMG_4024Producer Dave Ransom discusses details of the next taping sequence at one point during the day
IMG_4041Dave Ransom, and me during the taping of my interview for the trailer.
10 May 2011-Thanks for voting for me, racing, and the DVD update

Wow, the response to the vote on Babe of the Month was overwhelming! I had no idea I had THAT many friends out there! Thank you! And it’s not over yet, so keep spreading the word!

FINALLY, the DVD has a delivery date. “EZ Detailing, A Complete Guide to Automotive Detailing” will go on sale this Thursday, the 13th, and will begin shipping May 23rd. We all worked so hard on this for the past year, it feels great to have it on sale finally! Click on the image on the right to learn more.

So many exciting things happening these days. We’re at our good friends, DC Performance in Los Angeles tomorrow to get a custom tune on the Magnum. Then Friday the 13th (!) we’re at Famoso Race Way in Bakersfield for a test & tune to gather data with the tune, and then Sat. & Sun (14th & 15th) we’re racing at Famoso in the West Coast Hot Rods Sportsman class. Come on out if you can, it’s going to be great fun!

– Alex

7 Mar 2011 – Outtake from EZ-Detailing Video – Funny!

We’ve just finished editing some of the bonus features on the soon-to-be-released DVD project I’m co-producing and starring in, “EZ-Detailing”.

This outtake reel was all taped on the same day–just one of those days, ya know? It’s pretty funny, check it out for a two minute laugh.
– Alex

6 Mar 2011 – Long and fun weekend!

Well it’s been a really busy, but very enjoyable weekend. Private track day on Friday and an early morning photo shoot in downtown LA on Sunday. The photographer Hugh was a great guy and we got some really great shots. The background of the Disney hall and downtown LA loading docks made for some really nice editorial photos.His Lexus LS430 has a beautiful pearl white paint job. Click the tumbnail images to see the full size ones.

I can’t wait to get more racing in at Fomoso! Just not sure if we’re going to the public test & tune this weekend or a private event later in the month. Or, hey, how about both???
– Alex


23 August 2010

One of my current projects is a DVD production, EZ-Detailing. In this DVD we’re taking decades of auto detailing experience and teaching people how to make their regular daily driver look almost as good as a show car in a fraction of the time!My daily driver is my first new car, and I love knowing that it looks better than the day I drove it home from the dealer–even under the hood. So I’m excited about getting to share tips and tricks with others.I’ll post some pre-release clips in September when the project starts to move into post-production.

I’m doing some modeling assignments, and singing and performing at small theaters here in the Los Angeles area. If you’re in the industry, keep me in mind please!

10 May 2010

On Board Video with Alex at Top Speed on the El Mirage Dry Lake

Recently, I got to drive a Dodge Magnum SRT8 at top speed at El Mirage dry lakebed in the desert of Southern California. I reached 166 mph, and rode shotgun on a 170 mph run!

El Mirage is a Federal park. It’s completely fenced off and is something like five miles long and five miles wide. After the winter rains, the lake bed dries almost concrete hard and very flat. It’s near the famous Edwards dry lake and Air Force Base. For the $15 entry fee, you can drive as fast as you dare (at your own risk!).

Let me tell you, getting to legally unleash some 450 horsepower and drive at 166 mph is a great rush. You hear the 6.1L big Hemi scream at 6,000 rpm wide open, the wind blast roars around the car, you feel the wind push the car around a bit and the pebbles and slight dips of the lake bed really get your attention.

If you ever get the chance, stop by El Mirage and play on the lake bed yourself!