25 May 2015 NHRA Super Street results

This past weekend we competed with the Magnum in the Super Street class at the NHRA Lucas Oil Racing Series Divisional at Fontana, California. It was a really cool experience racing with all the racers at the divisional level. I loved flying Maggie’s colors at a race with a new crowd.

We made a lot of changes to the Magnum to run this class. The normal racing procedure for us is to put a dial in number on the car based on the weather, track conditions and other factors that we consider. With the Super Street class, we had to move the car to run a fixed index of 10.90. This was difficult because we had to add and subtract weight with a ballast system in the back of the car based on the conditions. In order to run the car in the 10.90 index we had to lower the horsepower of the engine. Thanks to Arrington Performance, MAHLE, Magnuson and our other partners, the Magnum is now running solidly in the 10.30s, and even in the 10.20s in cool weather. Getting the car to run a quarter second slower was challenging to say the least. The part of the car that suffered the most was the launch capability. Because we had to dial back so much power, the car had a very hard time getting out of the lights quickly, and on a .500 pro tree, that was not going to cut it. I wasn’t able to get any decent reaction times with that set up, so it was difficult to get a solid pass down. We went into first round knowing that it would be difficult, but anything can happen on Sunday.

For the first time, I sang the National Anthem at an NHRA race and the racers seemed to enjoy my rendition. After that, it was time to race in our first ever round of competition in Super Street. We ended up breaking out by 17 thousandths of a second. The car ran close to the number, and I give my crew chief Richard huge credit for that. It was a fun weekend and I hope I can race it again someday soon.

The next event for us is the West Coast Classic big bucks bracket race in Fontana on June 12-14th. Both Saturday and Sunday have $3,000 up for grabs in the pro class, and $5,000 in the Super Pro class. This should be fun with some fierce competition. Come on out to race or to hang out, it will be an awesome weekend! See you there.AlexRichard_9770_v3

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