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Welcome back to my blog! I am terribly sorry that my website has been under construction for so long. It has been a very busy season and we have been incredibly blessed to have so much to do! It’s been a long while, so here are some of the things that have been happening over the past year.

The beginning of the year started with the Search For A Champion contest. I competed against 391 other participants for a $50,000 sponsorship from Champion Spark Plugs. We produced a two minute video about why I am worthy of winning, and submitted to Champion for other fans and racers to vote on. We made it to the final 15 contestants and won a $5,000 prize at that stage. We didn’t end up winning the grand prize but I am still part of #TeamChampion, which I am very proud of.

No more driving the race car to and from the track! In June of this past year, with the help of Dodge Chrysler, we picked up a brand new 3500 Cummins RAM dually truck to tow our race car trailer with. We then went on a three week road trip across the country to do some racing and visit Arrington Performance in Martinsville, Virginia. Since it was summertime, we got to experience the drive in beautiful weather, and see the rolling hills and endless trees of Virginia and Tennesse. After getting some tuning work done on the car, we headed to Bowling Green Kentucky to do some testing on the car before our big race in St. Louis. After a somewhat disappointing race in St. Louis, we headed for home.

In between getting the truck and our road trip was our first experience of the Mopar Mile High Nationals in Denver Colorado, where we got to meet the legendary Mopar racer, Judy Lilly. It was awesome to hang with her at a Mopar event and talk about how racing has changed over the last few decades. I also spotted some brand new Hellcat Challengers in the parking lot of the track, and talked them into letting me sit in the driver’s seat and rev the motor! It was a blast and an experience I won’t forget.

Not only did we get a new truck, but shortly after our big road trip we drove to Texas to pick up a 40 foot gooseneck trailer. It’s outfitted with tools, cabinets, tons of storage and a bathroom! I feel spoiled every time I go in it, and having it at the races is absolute luxury!

I am continuing my relationship with all of my sponsors, and recently have added MAHLE as one of my large sponsors for the car. In October of this year I flew out to Farmington Hills, Michigan to meet some of their employees and also shoot three “Technical Tuesday” videos. Look for me in the upcoming year on their YouTube channel, MAHLE Aftermarket NA. In the same trip I was lucky enough to visit the St. John’s piston ring plant where they make over a quarter million piston rings per day! It was amazing to see their facility and get a taste of MAHLE’s marketshare in both the OEM and Aftermarket world. I also did a short presentation to the employees at the St. John’s ring plant about who I am, how I got started racing and how I am associated with MAHLE. Special thanks to Bill Mcknight for organizing and hosting such an awesome and enlightening trip to MAHLE.

There was plenty of excitement at the end of the year in the NHRA world, as Mopar racer and friend of mine Matt Hagan battled it out with John Force for the World Championship in Funny Car. We were there when Matt won the Championship and the final race in Pomona, and even got to celebrate the win with the team. It was a blast and we were really blessed to hang with the team on such an important day.

SEMA and PRI shows were a blast this year. I did another appearance in the Hedman Performance group where I again got to hang with Stock/Super Stock racer Judy Lilly. We signed autographs together and talked to fans about racing Mopars and being women in the car world.

At PRI I spent some time in the enormous MAHLE Aftermarket and Motorsports booth talking to customers and doing some videos about my plant tours in Michigan. It was a great time hanging with people that have such incredible knowledge about MAHLE’s products. I am very much looking forward to doing more video work and appearances with MAHLE in the upcoming year.

I also spend some time signing autographs in the UMI Performance booth. Earlier in the year I went to their shop in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania and did a photo shoot for their 2014 catalogue. I signed some catalogs as well as some posters for fans and customers that walked by the booth on both Friday and Saturday of the show. My time there was filled with laughter and fun, as the representatives from UMI are incredibly funny, and their customers always seem happy with the product they get from them. Look for information next year on some UMI Performance parts on the Magnum!

It’s now time for a little holiday time, but check back in the New Year for weekly updates about Liquid Glow, racing and all of the events on the calendar! Also check my gallery for photos that highlight my activities over the past year.

The racing season starts next weekend, so check back for more updates on how the car is running for the first couple races of the year.

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